Today I just want to talk about how you can rank your videos on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and If you have your video doing well on YouTube, you can be making a lot of money.

So without much ado, let get started.

Ranking Youtube Videos

We are going to be covering the following on ranking Youtube vidoes:

  1. Core Ranking Metrics For YouTube
  2. How A YouTube Video Can Increase Your Blog Rankings
  3. Does Video Length Affect Rankings?
  4. Using Thumbnail Image To Attract Clicks

Core Ranking Metrics For YouTube:

The first thing that we all need to understand is essentially to think of YouTube not as like you know it; a video platform but I want you to think of it as another website. I want you to think that it’s your website and then each video is like a page or a post okay. So when you have that mindset and you think about each video like a page or a post, then what that means is each page or post has its own SEO things that you have to do. So that being said we all need to remember that we need to work on keywords. Having an understanding that single video of yours is keyword centric is very essential.

There’s a variety of ways of how people are going to find your video on YouTube:

  • They subscribe to your channel so they get a notification
  • Search inside of YouTube
  • Search inside of Google

As you can see from above, two out of those three rely on keywords to find your video. Rankings YouTube videos is no different than website ranking methods; you have your various things like keywords and and stuff like that.

Now let’s go actually get into the specifics of these core ranking metrics for YouTube.

Listed below are five ranking metrics that make up the core Youtube ranking metrics.
Keyword In Title: The number one thing that you need to do is is have your keyword of your video in the video title in Youtube. This is assuming that you have a keyword in mind that you want to rank for your video. If you don,t have a keyword in mind, you can use this tool to get some good keywords for your video.
Keyword In Video Description: Another thing is to have same keyword your video description. You really need to have good content in your video description. Just write like a 500 or above words article, then infuse your keyword where it makes sense (not stuffing your keyword). You also need to make sure that your keyword is the first phrase in your description.
Keyword In Tags: You also need to have your main keyword for the video as the first tag to be added. Then you have other related keywords gotten when you were doing you keyword research, add then as tags too.
Audience retention: What this basically means is does your audience watch the entire video from start to finish. This is very very important. This is actually a relatively large metric to get your YouTube video ranked; not only in the use of YouTube search results but also inside of Google search results.
Audience Engagement: Another huge metric. How does people interact with your video while watching it. Do they like it (or even dislike it), comment or share it with their friends or social media? Are they even embedding (taking your video and putting it on to their web pages or your blog posts) your YouTube videos? These are some of things Youtube look out for when people are watching your video in other to make it the preferred video (top ranked) for the related keyword.
Subscribes: Are people saying that they love what you are doing and will love to get more? When one subscribes to your channel, he is saying ” hey, i want to be notified when another of your video is uploaded”. It is like someone signing up to your email write your email list.

Just did a chit chat about the thing I did to optimize my videos for better ranking on Youtube search and by extension, Google search as well. You can watch the video below.

So these are the core metrics for ranking YouTube videos. Now if you look at keyword in video title and keyword in video description, those two are very similar as to how we rank our blog posts. Trying  to get your keyword in meta title and also keyword in your meta description is the same thing like where we have the keyword in the video title not inside the video though I’m talking about the title of the video that that shows up in the search results and then the video description.

Mentioning your keyword a few times when creating you video and something that Youtube has started looking at seriously to know more about what your videos is all about . So it is essential as well.

These are all basic metrics to get your your Youtube video ranking not only in the Youtube search results but also in the google search results.

Digressing a little bit, I know a lot of people are scared of doing YouTube videos which is fine. You don’t have to be, but you know you might even call it a necessary evil. It’s something that we all need to do you know, so find that low hanging fruit keyword and get something ranking in YouTube. It’s not that hard and your video doesn t need need to be cutting-edge; it doesn’t need to have this high production value. BUT THEY WORK!! (emphasis).


How A YouTube Video Can Increase Your Blog Rankings

  1. Add (embed) you video to your website
  2. Ensure that you have an awesome thumbnail image
  3. Average time on page is a ranking Metric


Add (embed) you video to your website.

Follow the following steps below:

  • Create a video and your keyword and then optimize it.
  • Create your blog post and SEO optimize it.
  • Embed your SEO optimised Youtube video into your SEO optimized blog post.

Tip: Create your video with same keyword as the main keyword of your blog post.

Some people might be fretting about how to embed your video or someone else’s video (you can actually do this)on your website.  Below is a video on how to get this done.

Ensure that you have an awesome thumbnail image

When creating your video, it is very essential that you have a very good thumbnail (I just cannot over emphasis this). This can greatly boost your conversion rate (people who click through to your video) in either youtube or google search engine. You may be wondering how you can make an awesome thumbnail image? Find your answer below

Below I have a video on how to make a Youtube custom thumbnail for your video


Average time on page is a ranking Metric

Ask your reader to watch the video within the content; you can use, lets say for example “watch the video below”. The reason why this helps is when there is a video on a page or post on your blog post, people will stay on that page or post longer and this increases the average time on page metric in Google Analytics ranking metric. Meaning, if people stay on your page longer, your rankings will go up. So an embedded YouTube video is essentially the engine to make people stay on your page longer. Why, because when they’re on your page, and they watch the video and they stay on your page longer. For example, if you have a five minute video and you’ve got a thousand word article, then people can be on your page for a good 7 to 10 minutes; because they will be be on the page for at least 2 minutes to read your content and 5 minutes to watch the video. So you see it’s just a really easy way to get people stay longer on your page. The video doesn’t even have to be your own but it is better if they are yours. You can get someone else’s related video video that would fit well within page or post if you are not comfortable making videos.

 Does Video Length Affect Rankings

A common question I alway get is “does video length affect rankings?” Yes! Sort of.. My opinion is that I personally think that it is a combination of video length and audience retention. What I mean by that is if your video is an hour long but people are only watching the first ten minutes of it. Is it going to increase your rankings? NO! But if your video is an hour long and your audience stays to the very end or say 80 to 90 percent of your audience stays to the very end, then does the video length matter? YES!! So it’s a combination of video length and retention. Just to clarify, does video length affect rankings inside YouTube and Google? YESS!! Sort of. It’s a combination of video length and audience retention. It is also based on the topic as well.

So i will encourage you to (if possible) make longer videos. It will greatly help you.

Using Thumbnail Images To Attract Clicks:

Ever since I’ve started using custom thumbnails in my videos, that has been a real game-changer. If you look at video listings in a search result, you instantly know from the thumbnail what really the video is all about that you want  to watch.

Just make sure you have giant letters when you build your thumbnail and also try to be consistent in terms of the layout within your thumbnails.

Want to use custom thumbnail in your video, do the following:
Once you have a verified YouTube account which is easy to get, upload a video. You can now upload a thumbnail after your video has been processed.

Another thing I want you to be aware of which I actually just recently learned is you can actually create a thumbnail on the fly right within YouTube this is actually a new feature that I saw inside YouTube. This is pretty cool. But to upload your own here are my suggestions:

  • a Have an image dimension of 1280 by 720. That’s 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.
  • Image format should either jpg or png.
  • Has to be under 2MB in file size
  • Dont put too much of them
  • Use Canva to create them. Here’s the cool thing is that you can actually use canva to create your Youtube thumbnail

Below is a video on how to make a  Youtube custom thumbnail

Some people will be wondering why i did not mention anything about backlinks. Yes! That is because, if you create a great content (video), people will naturally want to embed it on their site to enhance their own content. Which is cool. That is the way to go if you are looking for long term gain. Using those other short cuts (blackhat methods) will only help you for a short time. So my advise will be “create great content video and people will embed.

That brings us to the end of this piece. I will like to know what you think. Kindly comment in the comment box below.